Defending Worcester Antifa


(above: Worcester Anti Fascist Action supporter taken down and arrested by stormtroopers cops for – “blocking the street?”)

America used to be a place where people had the right to public protest.  Americans viewed countries reacted to peaceful protests with heavily-armed goon squads and trumped-up (pun intended) as loathsome dictatorships.

Now all of a sudden in 2017 it is America itself that appears to be turning into the loathsome dictatorship, as supporters of Worcester Anti Fascist Action found out when they attempted a public protest the day before Trump’s inauguration and were brutally arrested.  Their crime?  Unclear at this point although in one observer’s video the cops clearly state that “everybody is subject to arrest” because “they were all in the street.”  What would normally be a citation for jaywalking has become cause for violent arrest by a platoon of cops.  Seven antifascists were hauled away for things like  “disturbing the peace” and “disorderly conduct.”

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund was established to defend anti-fascists and anti-racists when they face scenarios like this as a result of their stand against bigotry and hatred.  We were more than happy to make a donation to their legal defence fund and strongly encourage our fellow antifa to do the same.

As always, the only reason the Defence Fund was able to offer any assistance to our seven friends in Worcester was because of donations from anti-fascists and anti-racists around the world that make our work possible.  If you believe that solidarity with other antifa is the best weapon, help us continue to provide this much-needed support by making a donation to the Defence Fund today!

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