Exciting Yvette Update!


Yvette Felarca, the school teacher suspended for defending her community against homicidal neo-nazis, sent us some good news today!  From her public statement:

“Thank you everyone, and especially the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund, for your generosity and support over the past 6 weeks. Our movement has been won the most important initial hurdle–I’m going back to work tomorrow! This would not have been possible without you. I hope my victory can be an example to anti-fascists everywhere, and to teachers everywhere–that when we come under attack, we can defend ourselves, garner mass support, and win. I’m still going forward with my lawsuit to address outstanding issues in my case including: political discrimination, violations of due process, free speech and academic freedom, unjust disciplines, and the District’s continued refusal to restore my back pay. My first hearing is Dec. 8 in Federal Court in San Francisco. You are all invited. If you have not yet had a chance to make a donation, it’s not too late. The fundraising window closes on Thursday. This victory belongs to all of us!”

Nothing is more satisfying than being able to help our fellow antifa when they need us to have their backs.  Nothing is better than seeing first-hand how pooling our resources and sending material support helps our fellow antifa win justice and put their lives back on-track.  This is what makes our movement unstoppable!  If you want in on this good thing we have going on, make a donation to the Defence Fund today!

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