Supporting Patryk


Patryk is a Polish anti-fascist that has been living in London for the last ten years or so.  He is a well-known and well-respected antifa in both Poland and the UK.  Unfortunately, he’s also the victim of a complete travesty of justice that occurred when nazi scum in his hometown convinced friends of their to press completely fabricated charges against Patryk.

Patryk’s trial was a complete sham and while everyone else the boneheads pressed charges against were found not guilty, Patryk actually received a three-year sentence!

Understandably, Patryk fled to the UK where he has lived and been active in the antifa scene ever since.  But on May 2016 British police arrested him on a European warrant.

Patryk’s currently fighting to stay in the UK, where his partner and eight-year-old son also live.  We were happy to kick in some money to help him fight the extradition and we sincerely hope that he gets to remain free in the UK.

You can read more about Patryk’s case and how to donate here.



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