Solidarity With Peter


For some reason, the Islamophobes of Pegida Denmark seem to think the streets of Copenhagen belong to them.  And so, most Saturdays, you’ll find them learning the same lesson over and over – that Islamophobia has no place in Denmark.

The people teaching them that lesson – the anti-fascists of Revolutionære Antifascister, Reaktion, and others – have been very successful so far.  But on April 23rd one of them – Peter – was unfortunately arrested by the police and detained for several weeks.

Upon hearing of this, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund decided that we needed to send some support Peter’s way, which we have now done.  If you’d like to help Peter with his legal expenses, etc., we suggest making a donation to the Defence Fund and letting us know that it’s specifically for Peter – we’ll see that he gets it.  Of course, any donation you make will be used to defend and support anti-racists.


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