Klinika Sends Some Love!

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The Klinika Centre is something all cities should have.  This autonomous community centre has been a lifeline to refugees arriving in Prague – distributing food and clothing and offering free Czech and English language classes, in addition to their anti-authoritarian political work.

On February 2, 2016 a mob of racist cowards attacked Klinika, smashing out windows with rocks and crowbars and firebombing it – this with people inside the centre.  Several people were hospitalized and the centre suffered extensive damage.

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund decided to send some material support to Klinika to help them repair the damage and continue with their important work welcoming refugees and fighting fascism and racism.  Today, they sent us a thank-you note!

Hey, comrades!

Thank you for your support. We very much appreciate your solidarity including the gift you sent us. Broken windows are already replaced, used anti-nazi tear gas refilled, house defense system upgraded a bit …and stickers from you found their place in proper spots 😉

You are most welcome at Klinika whenever some of you are visiting Prague. In the near future (14th of May) we are co-organizing an International Anarchist Bookfair here at Klinika, so if you want to spread out some of your materials, you can visit us or just sent them in by mail and we can print them and hand them out to the visitors.

Best of luck in whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re fighting.

Together, we can change the world!

Klinika collective

If you’d like to support Klinika, check out their donation page or drop by and see them in Prague!

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